Domo Arigoto, Mr. Roboto
Danger Collie Main

Some people think they're toys, others can only focus on what they don't do. Well, you can knock them if you like but I'll be more than happy to sit in my nice air conditioned kitchen and watch you push your mower around in the 95 degree heat. And I'll be off doing other things while the bot is taking care of the kitchen floor. It took a little longer than we expected but home robot servants have finally started to arrive.

Friendly Robotics RL800 Lawn Mower

This is seriously cool and has made me the envy of the neighborhood. People have almost wrecked their cars rubber necking when it's mowing the front yard. This is a mini-how to movie I did for my review on

VIDEO: WindowsMedia

Roomba Pro Elite

Maybe not quite as cool as the lawn mower. The Roomba is awesome on tile and hardwood floors and very short pile carpeting. I bought my mom one and she loves it. It's perfect for their house and she doesn't have to move furniture to clean under it anymore. We've had some problems with ours, probably due to the fact we have very large dogs with long hair. I have to clean hair out of the rollers every other day. I'm working on a new version of this video that features "bot cam", a lipstick camera piggy backing on a Roomba ride.

VIDEO: WindowsMedia


Raindrip 599D Micro Irrigation System

Coming Soon

This isn't technically a robot, depending how you define what a robot really is. This little gem will water your outdoor plants and flowers on a schedule you set. It puts just the right amount of water right where your plants need it. My patio flowers, occasional victims of benign neglect, have built a little Rainbird shrine in the back yard out of the dried leaves of their departed buddies.


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